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 Your Aesthetic Journey.
Our Expertise.

Your aesthetic journey is at the centre of Dr. Malika Ladha’s warm and welcoming care. As a double-board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist, she empowers you to look and feel your best through integrative aesthetic treatment plans, individualized to you, for refined and natural results.

“Dr. Ladha is focused on our journey - establishing goals together and building a long-term relationship. She really takes her time with you.”

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About Section

Dr. Malika Ladha

Dr. Malika Ladha is a double-board certified dermatologist with expertise in aesthetic dermatology. Her philosophy centres on each patient's unique journey and building collaborative relationships. She creates a welcoming space to understand her patient’s story.


Dr. Ladha treats patients - of all genders and at varied life stages - to be their most empowered selves. She designs and delivers customized treatment plans to achieve natural refinements over time. As treatment goals and technology evolve, Dr. Ladha remains committed to her core purpose: elevate you and your confidence to live your best life.


With her extensive and well-respected training and dedication to personalized care, Dr. Ladha is a trusted source to guide your aesthetic journey.

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Dr. Ladha uses a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to rejuvenation. She believes optimal results are achieved through long-term integrative strategies at any age. She curates personalized treatment strategies that leverage the synergy between different treatment tools, from injectables to lasers to skincare, for natural outcomes. By focusing on the pillars of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Ladha will help to bring out your inner radiance.

Positive Aging

Aging is to be celebrated and embraced at all life stages. Looking and feeling radiant is possible for everyone, of all genders and ages: from prevention strategies in your 20s to rejuvenating refinements in your 40s to advanced strategies in your 60s and beyond.

Body Treatments

Aesthetics involves more than just the face - extending to the neck, decolletage, abdomen, buttock and more. Whether you have stubborn abdominal fat or desire improvement in your buttock, we have non-surgical solutions for you.

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Skin Quality

A glowing complexion is key to shine your inner confidence. Holistic aesthetic rejuvenation starts with addressing all aspects of healthy looking skin, including texture, hydration, firmness, complexion, appearance of pores, redness, pigment, and overall glow. 

Hair Treatments

Hair is an intricate component of feeling confident. We will build it into your comprehensive aesthetic treatment plan, whether you want to improve scalp hair amount and thickness, or remove hair from the face or body areas.


Before and After

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